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Skill Sessions

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Player development is the key to on court success!  We are very passionate about teaching athletes the skills to take their games to the next level.  Take a minute to review what we have to offer.


Cam Sports basketball team training program is great for youth league teams, AAU team and any other

organization that needs help with team defenses, offensive execution,

and we can help you run a great practice with our team drills

Team Basketball Training: A session is 2 hour
$30 per kid  (minimum: 7 kids)
$25 per kid  (minimum: 10 kids)
$20 per kid  (minimum: 15 kids)
To sign up for team training or for more information, please contact us.


1 on 1 training is a great way to learn how to develop and strengthen basketball skills.

That’s why Cam Sports conducts 1 hour individual training sessions to provide an opportunity for

kids to work 1 on 1 with professionals. Cam Sports has helped players at all levels improve

their game through individual training sessions. With Cam Sports training sessions

, players have the option of working alone or with a small group of friends.

During each individual session, Cam Sports will focus on defensive and offensive footwork

, ball handling, passing, shooting, rebounding etc. Cam Sports also tailors training

programs for each player based on athletic goals and skill level.

Cam Sports will work with players and parents to schedule sessions at mutually

convenient times and locations. To get more information on 1 on 1 training or small group

training, or to schedule a training session please, contact us email

Personal Basketball Training: A session is 1 hour and 15 minutes.
$40 per session (minimum: least 5 sessions)
$35 per session for 3 to 6 individuals (Group Rate)
$30 per session for 7 or more individuals (Team Rate)
To sign up for 1 on 1 training or for more information, please contact 762-348-8698

What they are saying about Coach Cameron on Coach Up

Very experienced and knowledgeable coach! We’ve tried two coaches from CoachUp and all were wonderful, but something unique about coach Christopher. I think we’ve found the one! Thanks for everything. I cannot wait to see my son’s progress throughout this journey!

Ben (CoachUp client)


Coach Chris is really good with my son. We tried a few different coaches at first and he is the one my son picked. He brings a lot of knowledge and makes it engaging the whole time. Easy to communicate with and always ready to adjust based on where your kid is that week and what they need to focus on developing. Definitely book Coach Chris!

Yunhyung (CoachUp client)


Coach Christopher was great! he really has a way of teaching basketball that is easy to learn and comprehend. we are looking forward to getting coached by him in the future.

Susanna (CoachUp client)


Great coach who has inspired my son to practice, practice, practice!

Osvaldo (CoachUp client)


Coach Cameron has been working with my son JP who is a junior in HS. He enjoys working with coach CC learning new skills he can adapt to his game. Also, coach CC has been teaching JP the level of intensity he needs to show the kind of player he wants to become. I highly recommend coach CC.

Peter (CoachUp client)


My son has never played organized basketball, so we felt he needed to establish a solid foundation of skills before trying out for his middle school team, as was his plan. In just a few lessons, Coach Cameron has already made a big impact and started him down that path. We not only see tremendous improvement in technical skills, but he is being given tools to assess in game situations and make the appropriate decisions. We highly recommend Coach Cameron.

“A lot of people say they want to be great, but they’re not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve greatness.” Kobe Bryant

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