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Cam Sports Elite 32 Camp Evaluation

Updated: Apr 11

Cam Sports Elite 32 Camp featured some of the best players throughout South Georgia, West Georgia, Coastal Georgia, and North Florida. The one day event provided an opportunity for players to learn from an experienced staff of high school and former college coaches. Here are the evaluations for the classes of 2026 and 2027. Evaluations were completed by Cam Sports staff.


Eric Love | Valdosta High School | 2026

Love is a shifty guard that's tough to contain one on one, With his quick first step and ability to change pace, Love created several mismatches. When he got into the lane, he utilized multiple finishes or hit the mid range shot. Love has a good feel for the game, he communicates on the floor, and can play either guard spot. On defense, he is a pest! Love is tough and is one of the best guards in South Georgia.

Elijah Edwards | Liberty County HS | 2026

Brown is an explosive athlete that relentlessly attacks the basket. He is physical and embraces contact when he gets in the lane. Brown is an elite defender that guarded the ball 94 feet and caused havoc on ball handlers.. Although its tough to stay in front of him, Brown has the ability to make shots from the midrange and behind the arc.

Rudy Bowden | Jones County High School | 2026

Bowden is a bouncy, energetic forward that is a high level offensive rebounder. He puts pressure on the defense when a shot goes up you have to get a body on him. Bowden can create offense from the wing, but he thrives in transition where he's able to use athleticism and length to execute plays. He is a capable shooter on the perimeter, but with more development, he can be a serious threat.

Zelda Chukes | Munroe High School (FL) | 2026

Chukes is an explosive guard that caught our eye early. He is physical and like to get down hill where he finishes through contact. Chukes has good offensive fundamentals. He effectively utilizes his jab fake and shot fake out of triple threat to create offense. Chukes reads the floor and hits teammates for easy scores. He makes shots in the mid range and behind the arc. Solid player with a bright future

Terrell Walker | Valdosta High School | 2026

Walker does a little bit of everything. He is an active wing/forward that finds a way to get his hands on rebounds. Walker has good footwork and was able to utilize it to his advantage on defense. He plays smart and knows how to keep his hands high when contesting shots. Walker's play improved as the day progressed.

Jackson Montgomery | Lake Minneola HS (FL) | 2026

One of the quicker guard on the day, Montgomery got better as the day progressed. He has good shooting mechanics and when he set his feet, he is a consistent shooter. Montgomery has good court awareness and knows how to facilitate, but also looks to be a scoring threat at times.

Jalen Holmes | Westover High School | 2026

Holmes is an explosive guard with the ability to score off the bounce or catch. He is an aggressive finisher that likes contact and will try to dunk on you. He's hard to guard when he attacks out of triple threat. His elite athleticism allows him to make plays on both sides of the ball. Holmes is a high level competitor who wants to guard the best payer. His toughness and lateral instincts makes him a good defender.

Alando Richards | Creekside Christian | 2026

Richards is a crafty lead guard with a tight handle, His quickness is a mismatch and allows him to penetrate easily and create for teammates. Richards' court awareness is special. He plays with poise and often makes good reads when attacking the basket. Richards had his jumper going both from deep and in he mid rang. On defense, his ball pressure pressures was annoying. He has quick hands and he competes.

J'mari Green | Putnam County High School | 2026

Greene was one of the more efficient scorers at the camp. He is great creating off the dribble for himself, but has the awareness to find open teammates. Green has a solid frame and finishes strong at the basket. Greene's hesitation move made it tough to stay in front of him. He excels on defense especially in passing lanes and he's a good rebounder for a guard.

Shamar McClendon | Putnam County High School | 2026

McClendon is a high energy forward that did a little of everything on offense and defense. McClendon is an effective slashers that attacks from the elbow and gets to the basket with one or two dribbles. He is a tenacious rebounder and gets 2nd chance opportunities for his team. McClendon was always moving without the ball which forced rotation and open shot for teammates.

James Benjamin | Jeff Davis High School | 2026

Benjamin is the type of player that just gets the job done. He is a quick, tough guard that doesn't say much, but he makes his mark on the game. Benjamin is an extremely gritty defensive player and a super athlete. He can guard multiple positions, is a strong rebounder, and is pretty savvy attacking the basket off the dribble.

William Myles | Lee County High School | 2026

Myles is a heady point guard that takes what the defense gives him. He is really good at probing and locating angles to attack the defense. When he get in the lane, he possess multiple ways to finish. Myles is a quick defender and when engaged, his ability to pressure the ball is an asset. He can shoot both the midrange and the deep 3-point shot. Myles is a Floor General!!!

Cason Harden | Colquitt County HS | 2026

Harden is a shifty lead guard that plays at his own pace. He carves out defenses with his ball handling and crafty finishes. Harden was one of the best playmakers in camp. He is an elite shooter with deep range and good touch. Harden has a high IQ and takes what the defense gives him. He does a good job of recognizing when to set up teammates and create his own shot.

Ryan Stevens | Covenant Academy | 2026

Stevens has good size and length that made him a threat on the inside. He was able to alter shots with his length and was an easy target for teammates to find in the lane. Stevens has a progressive skill set. His energy and work ethic was impressive. As he continues to develop, Stevens has the chance to be a solid player.

Landon Gates | Stratford Academy | 2026

Gates is a shifty lead guard that controls tempo and is mainly looking to facilitate for teammates. He possess good court awareness and uses his tight handles to get by his defender where he often makes good reads in the lane. When his feet are set, Gates is an effective shooter behind the arc. As he gets stronger, Gates' quickness and playmaking ability will be hard to contain.

Charles Huff | Ware County High School | 2026

Huff showcased his ability to create his own shot and finish in the lane. The lefty can score on all 3 levels. He consistently found offense in the midrange where he looked comfortable. Huff has good length on the wing and keen defensive instincts which allowed him to get steals and convert into points. Once he improve his strength, Huff has a chance to be a really nice wing.

Alonzo Talley | Shaw High School | 2026

Talley is a high energy guard that plays with a very fast past. He did a nice job of changing pace when he attacked the basket in the half court. Talley was able to apply intense ball pressure and stay in front his man.

Kendrell Butler | Lee County High School | 2026

Butler is a strong wing that attacks the basket with aggression. He has a good frame which allows him to finish around the basket through contact. Butler is an all around player that defends and rebounds. He always looks to makes the simple and takes care of the basketball.

Andrew Spivey | Kendrick High School | 2026

Spivey is a hard-nose guard with quick hands and can be disruptive on defense. His active hands cause elections which led to transition plays. Spivey is great at slashing to the basket. Once he beat his defender, he looked comfortable finishing in the lane with contact.

Robert Johnson | Swainsboro High School | 2026

Johnson is a sound all-around player. He understand how to move without the ball is a sharp passer. Johnson showcased a competitive nature. He was an aggressive rebounder which many times would grab rebounds out of his area. Johnson handles the ball well enough to creates his own offense and when his feet are set, he is a good shooter off the catch.

Tyrese Jones | Bainbridge High School | 2026

Jones is an intriguing player. He has a solid strong body and knows how to use it to his advantage. He is fundamental in the post, has a nice up and under move, and a soft touch around the rim. Jones showed the ability to rebound and push the ball in transition. He has sneaky athleticism, good shooting mechanics, and showed some potential to play on the perimeter.

Nolan Higgins | Southeast Bullock HS | 2026

Higgins has the ability to play multiple positions. He has good size for the guard and wing and is very unselfish. Higgins has a good feel for the game. He makes positive plays and is able to look for his opportunities without breaking the offensive rhythm.

Keyon Calhoun | Tattnall County High School | 2027

Calhoun has the ability to play either guard spot. He can create off the dribble and can score off the catch. Calhoun is a shifty big guard that does a good job of using his size to create space. He is at his best in transition because he becomes a threat to score from all the levels. Calhoun is a competitor, and doesn't appear to be afraid of the big moments.

Korbin Butler | Bainbridge High School | 2027

Butler is a physical forward with a Dennis Rodman like snack for rebounding. He doesn't mind throwing his body in the fight to get rebounds or take charges. Butler can finish around the basket with either hand and has a nice one dribble jump hook shot. Butler has range out to the free throw line and the ability to take his man off the dribble from the elbow.

Jalen Pendleton | Smith Station Freshman Center | 2027

Although Pendleton was the smallest camper at the Elite 32, he is a great example of "heart over height". He is very competitive, tough, and a quick defender with exceptional footwork which allowed him to pressure the ball. On offensive, Pendleton got in the the lane and finished over bigger defenders or made the right play. He has a crafty handle and the ability to make shots from beyond the arc.

Jaquavion Gilmore | Bible Baptist Christian Academy | 2027

Gilmore was clearly noticeable at the camp. He has tremendous size and an athletic frame. In the drills he showcased the ability to make shots on the perimeter and has advanced ball handling skills for his age and position. Gilmore has soft hands and was able to catch drop offs in the lane and finished them with thunderous dunks. Gilmore has all the tools to be a special player in South Georgia.

Keanu Maynard | Liberty County High School | 2027

Maynard is good defender on the perimeter and around the lane. He is a super athlete that can cover space quickly. Maynard is a strong finisher in the lane. He used his body well to absorb contact and finish plays. In the mid range, Maynard can score off the bounce and the catch.

Tremayne Johnson | Calhoun County High School | 2027

Tremayne Johnson is a name that you will hear a lot over the next couple years. What impressed us was his work ethic and ability to pick up concepts quickly. Johnson has soft hands and good footwork. He can shoot the 15 feet jumper and has the ability to attack off the dribble from the elbow.

Keion Williams | Bainbridge High School | 2027

Williams is a heady guard that does all the little things. He understands how to move without the ball and is a willing passer. Williams has tight handle and keeps his head up to evaluate the court. He has good shooting mechanics and is capable shooter from both the mid range and behind the arc..

Kaiden Williams | Creekside Christian | 2027

Williams is a shifty point guard with a sound skill set. He has good handles, can finish with both hands, and has good mechanics on his jumper. Williams is a vocal guard that takes what the defense gives him. He consistently looked to get his teammates involved and showed leadership in the drills.

Jah'Barri Felix | Liberty County HS | 2027

Felix is a strong guard that has the ability to beat you in limited dribbles. He is good finisher in the lane with either hand and uses his body to create contact. Felix knocked down shots with consistency in transition and the half court. He is an impressive passer with elite vision. He competes on defense and plays with poise. His court awareness is phenomenal.

Aaron Brown | Liberty County High School | 2027

Brown is a smooth guard that enjoys getting teammates involved. He consistently attacked the defense and got into the lane to create scoring opportunities. Brown's explosiveness is unmatched, and his athleticism is eye-catching, good handle and a strong frame. While setting up teammates is his niche, Brown is a capable shooter from behind the arc and the mid range.

Rausch Goswick | Meter High School | 2027

Goswick is a good shooter that knows how to moves without the ball and hunt his shot. He plays the game the right way. Goswick has the ability to be the primary ball handler, but he thrives when he's off the ball.

Alano Doreste | Bible Baptist Christian Academy | 2027

Dereste plays both guard spots. He played with poised all day and consistently made positive plays. Derest got down hill to finish at the basket and showed a consistent effort on the defensive side.

EJ Worthy | Early County High School | 2027

Worthy is a quick, shifty guard. His handles are very flashy and he has a few combination moves in his bag. Worthy likes to get into the lane and shoot his floater, but he also hit a few jumpers on the day.

Franklyn Barnes | Swainsboro High School | 2027

Barnes is a high energy guard that made several positive plays on the defensive end. His consistent 94 feet pressure was impressive. Barnes is going to give you a little bit of everything. His quickness makes it hard to stay in front of him, but Barnes also showed he can make a few jumpers on the perimeter.

Elijah Rivers | Monroe High School | 2027

Hall is a skilled guard that can score the basketball on all 3 levels. He is shifty and is hard to contain when he has it going. Hall is a big guard that uses his size to bully smaller guards. He excels in transition and has plenty of finishing moves in his bag. Hall is just scraping the surface, but has a chance to become an elite scorer.

Tobyron Carswell | Swainsboro High School | 2027

Carswell is good athlete that runs the floor in transition. For his age, he understands how to wall up and alter shots in the lane. Carswell's length was impressive as he threw down dunks during the drills. He has a good upside and with continued work, Carswell has a chance to be a really good player.

JaKobe Gaston | Griffin High School | 2027

Gaston is a crafty guard with a strong handle. He has a good feel for the game for his age. Gaston has the ability to score on 3 levels and finishes in the lane with either hand. Gaston has a strong frame and uses it to his advantage as he drives the ball to the basket.

Jadarian Holloway | Glenwood School (AL) | 2027

Holloway is the ultimate floor general. He pushes the ball in transition and always has his head up looking for teammates. Holloway has a tight handle and uses his ballhandling skills to his advantage. He is a capable shooter, but he prefers to get into the lane and shoot his floater. He is a skilled player with good court awareness.

Zion Thomas | Long County High School | 2027

Thomas quickly caught my eye. He was one of the most athletic players at camp. Thomas has a quick first step and violently attacks the rim. He is an aggressive rebounder that has the ability to start the break. His shooting mechanics are good which allows him to shoot the midrange jumper at a high clip. His potential is through the roof.

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